Generators for Mobile & Commercial Catering

Browse a selection of LPG, Petrol or Diesel generators suitable for your kitchen or mobile catering business. They come in a variety of different sizes to help provide the right power for your catering appliances. Cost effective compact, quiet running and built for catering use. Petrol generators with 14.3 fuel tank can run up to 12 hours at 50% load. LPG Generators are more efficient and based on a 19kg bottle they can run up to 19hrs providing an extended cooking time for mobile and catering appliances.

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LPG generator 7kw

LPG Generator Greengear 7kW

£1,300.00 £999.17 exc vat £1,199.00 inc vat
-24%Sold out
mobile catering generator 6kw

LPG Generator Greengear 6kW

£1,033.00 £783.00 exc vat £939.60 inc vat
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mobile catering generator 5kv

LPG Generator Green Gear 5kW

£800.00 £624.17 exc vat £749.00 inc vat
mobile catering generator

LPG Generator Greengear 3kW

£500.00 £391.00 exc vat £469.20 inc vat
petrol -generator-3750

Petrol Generator 3500 Watt CPG4000E1

£350.00 exc vat £420.00 inc vat
petrol generator CPG3500

Petrol Generator 2800 Watt CPG3500

£326.00 exc vat £391.20 inc vat