About MobCater

Why trust us?
MobCater Catering was created in response to the needs of people wanting to start a catering and mobile catering business.

Our sister site Mobcater.co.uk which is primarily a content site continues to help 1000’s of people each month discover more about catering. The site was launch in 2013 to help anyone get started in their own catering- mobile catering business.

It’s a site based on our personal journey into starting a Catering and Mobile catering businesses. At the time, we didn’t have much knowledge of catering equipment, where to purchase or what equipment is needed. This can be a frustrating process that wastes valuable time and money when you get it wrong.

Not much has changed if you are a newbie and coming into the catering industry. People have the same questions regarding catering equipment, appliances and supplies, which is why the MobCater store was launched.

MobCater Catering strives to offer you a range of popular catering and mobile catering equipment and supplies from some of the biggest brand names in the catering industry.  Our prices are regulary checked to make sure they are competitively priced.

We also offer a range of LPG catering equipment which is perfect for the outside caterer. We continue to source an innovative range of catering equipment and supplies that meet your business needs

You can be certain we don’t sell equipment that is not the right for your business. Our main aim is to connect you with the ideal catering equipment and supplies while saving you time and money in the process.

We look forward to welcoming you to the MobCater site, we are adding new relevant and exciting catering products daily. If in the meantime, you don’t see an item you need. Please be sure to contact us here as we can probably source the product for you. If would like to order a catalogue from us, please leave you here.