LPG Water Pumps

LPG/Propane fueled pumps will work more silently and with less CO2 emissions than traditional fueled pumps. LPG Water pumps available in 4 different sizes, ranging from clear water to sewage. The pump bodies are ultra-resistant aluminium and are able to move large amounts of water with capacities from 25m3 / h to 70m3 / h.

The pumps are ideal for a wide range of scenarios including emptying swimming pools and flooded basements or filling/emptying a water tank.
The pumps are ideal for both domestic and commercial users too, including farming and construction sites.

  • Draining and filling your swimming pool, pond, or hot tub.
  • Draining flood water from a basement
  • Draining shallow flooded areas.
  • Irrigation purposes for agricultural or lawn sprinkling.
  • Distributing fertilizers and pesticides.
  • On-site construction purposes and other miscellaneous tasks.