Catering Carts

Catering carts are ideal for all types of mobile catering businesses and product showcasing. They are in most cases a powerful selling tool, removing selling barriers and provides a transparent, smooth process to sell food and goods directly to consumers. The advantage of catering carts over other types of catering vehicles is that the customer can connect with the vendor straightaway. There is no hiding away, and for many cart vendors, direct eye-level contact and access to the customer can result in a greater volume of sales. Catering carts allow the vendor to build strong relationships with new and potential customers ending in powerful repeat and word of mouth business.

Catering carts also offer a low-cost, flexible solution compared to other catering vehicles. Custom catering carts come in a variety of sizes to suit the business and can be tailored designed to accommodate a range of equipment and food menu options

Carts can be set up quickly and are flexible enough to be sited across a range of pitch locations, that may not be accessible to other catering vehicles. Choose and design your custom food catering today or if you need more info contact us.